Trident ES1

System Features

Hot Swapping Battery System

Users can extend run time with this new unique revolutionary system.

Hypercraft USA Advanced Motor System

Radial electric motor will boast 190 horsepower continuous. Peak 230 horsepower.*

Near Instant Throttle Reaction

Throttle reaction in less than one millisecond due to electric motor and system.

Minimal Maintenance

No spark plugs, oil, or fuel so there is little to no maintenance needed and no winterization.

Safety Features

Device Free Controls

Reduces distractions for riders from their phone and the touch screen while driving

Patented Reactive Tail Lights

Activated when user lets go of the throttle to indicate that the watercraft is slowing down.

Safety GPS Tracking

Allows users to track their watercraft’s location or for the Coast Guard to in an emergency


User activated to notify other watercraft of their presence to ensure the user’s safety.

User Experience

Footwell Drainage

Pushes water away from battery locations and minimizes weight on board.

Large Storage Capacity

Unmatched storage with entire nose cone opens to store Items as well as center console.


Users can access live weather, condition updates, navigation charts, and plan routes.

Minimal Running Noise

The electric motor running noise Is near silent with an extremely low decibel rating.