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Environmentally Conscious

As an electric vehicle company, our personal watercraft will not contribute to global carbon emissions due to fuel consumption. When you ride your eSki, you can rest easy knowing you are helping to stop CO2 buildup in our atmosphere.

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Explore New Areas

Electric vehicles are inherently less noisy then their gas-powered counterparts, which will allow you to ride in areas prohibited by noise ordinances. Additionally, many waterways prohibit access to gas-powered watercraft due to the possibility of oil and gas contamination in the water. This means that when you ride your eSki, you will gain access to areas uncharted by personal watercraft. 

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Top Speed and Acceleration

Electric motors provide torque nearly instantly. As soon as you want to accelerate, you will – fast. You will leave your friends on gas-powered vehicles in the dust when you ride an eSki.

Our current top speed estimates are 65* miles per hour.

*exact numbers subject to change as development continues.

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Since electric motors have less moving parts then their gas-powered motors, repairing your eSki couldn’t be simpler. Adding on fuel savings, in the long run your eSki will cost you significantly less in repairs than any other personal watercraft.

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Your power outlet is your fuel. No more trips to the service station; just plug and play. Additionally, the cost of electricity is significantly less than the cost of fuel, helping your pocket. eSki will allow you to use  our patent-pending revolutionary battery system, meaning you can have extended range on water. 

Our current battery life estimates are 1-2* hours, with a charge time of 1-2* hours with our patent-pending charging system.

*exact numbers subject to change as development continues.